Osteopaths Treat People Not Conditions


Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles,

nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal

organs function as a holistic unit.

Osteopathy for Children

Osteopaths are interested in helping children

develop in a balanced and healthy way to

help them achieve their full potential.

Osteopathy for Babies

Osteopathic treatment can help encourage unmoulding

and release uncomfortable stresses and

distortions in the baby’s body after birth

Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Osteopathy can help support a woman’s body to adapt

to the physiological changes during this time

and allow her enjoy the pregnancy in health.

Sports Osteopathy

Sports players now depend on osteopathic medicine

treatment as a way to heal and ease existing

injuries and as a means of keeping their

bodies in peak physical shape.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is an advanced style of massage therapy that uses

specialised techniques involving rhythmic pumping

techniques to stimulate the flow of lymph.

Craniosacral Therapy / Cranial Osteopathy

The cranial osteopath identifies areas of dysfunction

in the body that is affected by past events,

such as old accidents and injuries.

Relaxation Body Massage/ Energy Chakra Release Massage

Massage can have a positive effect on the whole

body and mind, your bones, muscles, heart,

aiding digestion and mental health


This treatment uses pulse-like waves of energy that are delivered using a handheld application device by a trained medical practitioner.