Golfers Elbow. What To Do About It?

Golfers Elbow. What To Do About It?

According to Oxford medical dictionary it is describes as “inflammation of the common flexor tendon on the medical epicondyle of humerus caused by overuse of the forearm muscles”. Tendons attach to bones and repeated overuse can cause inflammation of tendon which is responsible for pain.

What is golfers elbow?

Golfers elbow is the same as medial epicondylitis. It is an overuse of the muscles and tendons around the elbow leading to inflammation at the bony bump on inside of elbow and golfers doesn’t only affect golfers. A diagnosis is based on history and a physical examination of the arm. If you have already tried rest, ice over the affected area, used over the counter anti-inflammatory medications and pain has not resolved then you need to have your elbow examined.

Symptoms of golfers elbow are

  1. Pain and tenderness
  2. Stiffness around elbow
  3. Weakness of elbow movements, hand and wrist
  4. Sometimes numbness and tingling into 1 or more fingers

When to see your osteopath

If you have tried over the counter medications, ice treatment and rest and still ne ease in pain then you need treatment.

Causes of golfers elbow pain.

Pain is usually related to excess or repeated strain to muscles and tendons of forearm, improper lifting or throwing actions, not warming up properly or poor muscles tone to start with.

Activities that can cause medial elbow pain are

  1. Golf
  2. Racket sports
  3. Throwing sports
  4. Weight training


If you have tried over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, rest, ice treatment with no reduction in pain you need to get it treated professionally by your osteopath.

Write down key points before your visit to osteopath. List your symptoms, how long you have them, are symptoms getting worse, any other injuries, key past medical information and how have you been treating elbow pain up to now.